Online learning has many advantages, but when you learn a new skill how likely is it to get you a new job? In this blog, we’re going to look at skills you can learn online that there is a shortage of at the moment, meaning that if you retrain you’ll be able to get a new better paid job.

Advanced Excel Skills

Microsoft Excel is the standard used in offices around the world. Advanced skills are very desirable and courses are available online.



Computer programmers are always needed and you can learn all the skills you need online to get a grasp on programming. Whether it’s basic HTML. CSS PHP and JS or more involved languages like C and C+, there are plenty of courses available to get started.


Data Scraping

Data is the key to the modern world and is essential to the economies of the future. With a  base knowledge of CSS and HTML, with a  data scraping cours, you will be able to delve deeper into websites and mine data that can be useful for your business or to sell to others.


Speaking and translating foreign languages

The demand for people who are bilingual is very real. In these uncertain times of Brexit and the potential deportation and exodus of people who speak foreign languages, this is a great time to speak them. Being able to write and translate foreign languages is a lucrative skill.


Project Management

Project management skills mean that you can effectively manage a project from start to finish. This involves a mixed skillset including interaction with clients, understanding of manpower and use of resources and budget control. A course in project management will put you in good stead to get a project management position.


Social Media Marketing

Social media channels are the most visible connection people have with brands and businesses today, so it is essential that these channels are curated effectively. There is a host of courses to teach you how to manage social media effectively. Doing a course can only add a string to your employability bow.


Data Analysis

Understanding data and being able to use it to benefit your business is a skill that is becoming increasingly vital to workplaces, as more data becomes available from websites, social networks etc. This is an impressive skill to add to your CV that will help boost employability.

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